C-Section Stories: Kortney Campbell

1. Briefly, please share the circumstances that led to your c-section birth(s):

My daughter (we didn't know the gender at the time) was measuring on the bigger side from about 20 weeks. Up until 39 weeks, my doctor said she should only be about 9 pounds, and with my tall, wide-hipped structure, she knew I could birth a baby that big. Well, at my 39 week ultrasound, baby girl was measuring at 10 pounds 5 ounces. My doctor was out of town, so I saw her practice partner. She informed me that at this weight, they begin to recommend a c-section because of the risks of hemorrhaging, breaking a bone, and many others.

I never had a birth plan, because I knew that nobody's plan ever went 100% and I didn't want to stress about it. My only plan was listen to my doctor, listen to my body, and deliver a healthy baby. Now, let me tell you that I am deathly afraid of three things - heights, the dark, and surgery. But my mama bear instincts kicked in and I knew this is what I had to do, to be sure there was no risk to my daughter. We scheduled my c-section for 3 days after my due date and my Amazonian Warrior Princess babe was born at a healthy, strong 10 pounds 9 ounces! Best decision of my life.

2. What surprised you the most about having a c-section?:

I was extremely surprised at the size of my scar! It is so small and barely noticeable. I couldn't believe they took my big girl out of that small incision! I was also pretty amazed at how painless the epidural procedure was for me. A lot of women talk about it being unbearably painful and I hardly noticed it!

3. What kind of support do you feel you received (from friends, family, healthcare team) after your c-section(s)?:

My boyfriend was the most amazing partner I could've asked for. When it was 3 am and I was crying, our daughter was crying, and I was sleep deprived, he was cool as a cucumber and settled the situation. I cried a LOT those first two postpartum weeks and not once did he get annoyed or tired of it. Every time, I was met with love, hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement. I never could have made it through without him. My own mother lives about 10 hours away, but she was only a text or phone call away, even in the middle of the night. The nurses at the hospital were great, but my favorite was my in-home lactation consultant. I had issues with breastfeeding and my daughter was losing weight. She was the first person that SAW me - my frustrations, my brokenness, and my desperate cry for wanting to make sure my baby was nourished but that I was also nourishing my own mental health. She talked to me about exclusive pumping, got me all set up for my correct parts, and gave me a scheduled, lactation nutrition plan. She was the best Godsend I could've asked for. The women in my boyfriend's family - his sisters, sister-in-law, and especially his mother, were the village that I needed. I cried in their arms, they cooked for me, cleaned for me, and I am eternally grateful for those women who helped raise me as a mother.

4. What’s your #1 piece of advice/encouragement for a new c-section mom?:

You're a badass. Don't ever let anyone take that away from you or tell you that having a c-section was the easy way out. You birthed a baby just like any other mother and your body did not fail you. Your body grew a miracle, housed it, fed it, nurtured it. Let your scar be a medal of honor for the journey that is pregnancy and motherhood. C-sections are a beautiful gift of life.

5. How do you believe having a c-section birth(s) made you stronger?:

While the process of a (scheduled) c-section may be faster, it is not easier. It is full of nerves and major abdominal surgery is no joke. The recovery was hardest for me, I felt like I had to learn how to move again; it was very humbling. My most vulnerable moment was the first shower I got to take in the hospital. My boyfriend had to bathe me while I tried my hardest to even keep standing. My tears mixed with the warm shower water and I had a newfound appreciation for my able body. At home, I let him sleep because one of us needed to be well rested, and I figured he could take care of me better if he got some shut-eye. So I crushed it, healing my own body while taking care of a newborn. It wasn't easy, and I ripped our sheets while using them to pull myself up out of bed, but I did it!

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