C-Section Stories: Lauren Arias

1. Briefly, please share the circumstances that led to your c-section birth(s):

During the last month of my pregnancy, after multiple cervical checks I was told I had only dilated 1 centimeter due to a high and closed cervix. The day of my induction, at 41 weeks, I was in labor for over 12 hours with back to back contractions only to be told I was still 1 centimeter dilated. After having an epidural, with each contraction my daughter’s heart rate plummeted and would rise again during the brief moments in between. After a scary 30 minutes I was prepped for an emergency c-section.

2. What surprised you the most about having a c-section?:

What surprised me the most was both how many physicians and nurses were involved in the delivery and how attentive the anesthesiologists were during the process. I had my partner to my right and the anesthesiologist comforting me to my left throughout the entire procedure.

3. What kind of support do you feel you received (from friends, family, healthcare team) after your c-section(s)?:

I received immense support from my family (most of the women also had c-sections due to a lack of dilation) and I also had support from multiple mamas who reached out via social media to comfort me.

4. What’s your #1 piece of advice/encouragement for a new c-section mom?:

My #1 piece of advice is though I know how much pain you are in (at times both physically and mentally), you WILL recover because your baby needs you. You WILL get through this time and once you do, you will be a stronger person - again both mentally and physically. I was in so much pain after my procedure and seeing my daughter’s face allowed me to tend to her needs even the night of the surgery and has been my same motivation since.

5. How do you believe having a c-section birth(s) made you stronger?:

Having a c-section birth made me stronger because I never realized how quickly my body was able to heal and especially for my daughter. Also, having a c-section made me mentally stronger because it taught me that no matter how much you plan, things will go the way they are meant to. I never intended on delivering via c-section and it taught me that other paths can open in life and still be just as fruitful as the ones that didn’t open for you. Both my daughter and I are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters.

Name: Lauren Arias

Your Profession: Administrative Supervisor

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