C-Section Stories: Mercy Anderson

1. Briefly, please share the circumstances that led to your c-section birth(s):

I was in latent labor and stuck at three centimeters for about four days. When I went in to see my nurse-midwife for the forty-week appointment, she checked to make sure everything was okay. Turns out, my little man had gone footling breech at the last minute. I was immediately admitted to Labor and Delivery. I wanted to try an external cephalic version (ECV), but unfortunately, as soon as they started trying to turn him, both of our vitals dropped very low. I had to have an emergency c-section and extra incision on my uterus just to get him out to make sure he was going to make it. I lost 1.8 liters of blood (that's a lot!) and fought passing out until I heard my baby cry. We both made it and are alive and as healthy as can be!

2. What surprised you the most about having a c-section?:

The tugging and feeling like I couldn't breathe! My little man was up near my ribcage so not only was there that, but the OB/GYN had trouble getting through my abdominals. I was nicknamed "Abs of Steel."

3. What kind of support do you feel you received (from friends, family, healthcare team) after your c-section(s)?:

I felt like I got a lot of help and support from all the nurses, my husband, my mom, and my nurse-midwife. All of the nurses made sure I was able to be pain-free while walking and holding my little man. My mom had two c-sections so she knew what I was going through physically and emotionally. My midwife just wanted to make sure I was okay. I had wanted a vaginal birth and because of the way everything happened, that is something that is no longer an option for me. She also wanted to make sure that there was someone who simply knew what I had been through. She sat with me and hugged me for five minutes while I sat there crying, telling her from my point of view what it was like. Every single day, my husband made sure that I wasn't in pain, helped me with basic everyday things, was patient and kind, and reminded me that I'm a fighter for delivering our son like I did.

4. What’s your #1 piece of advice/encouragement for a new c-section mom?:

To breathe and remind yourself that you’re a warrior and a fighter for delivering your baby via cesarean. It can be a very scary thing, especially if you weren't expecting it, but magic happened where your scar is.

5. How do you believe having a c-section birth(s) made you stronger?:

For me personally, it was hard to think that I was strong for having a c-section. I felt like my body had failed me and that I wasn't strong enough to deliver vaginally like women have been doing for centuries. It took almost a year for me to realize that my son and my scar are literally miracles. Without it, neither of us would be alive today. So for me, finally accepting that is what made me stronger and not ashamed to have had a c-section.

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