C-Section Stories: Stephanie McClellan

1. Briefly, please share the circumstances that led to your c-section birth(s):

I have had three c-sections and all were different.

With my first son, I had him at 39 weeks. We went into the hospital the night before and they monitored me overnight. The next morning they broke my water and by 6pm that night, I was at 10 cm so I started pushing. After about an hour of pushing, he got stuck in the birth canal and we had to do a c-section to get him out safely.

My second son’s birth was a typical repeat c-section. I went in two hours before we had a scheduled date and time for the c-section. We went back into the OR and had the c-section and everyone went smoothly. It really was a dream birth from my point of view.

My third sons birth turned out very scary! I was scheduled to have a c-section on Tuesday at 10am but this all happened the night before. I started having pains but they didn’t feel like contractions. So we decided to go to the hospital and get checked out. SO glad we did! The nurses realized that something was wrong and I went back right away for an emergency c-section. My son was born and he was just fine but they had to put me under right after he was born. I spent 5 hours on the OR table while my poor husband sat with our newborn son wondering what was happening.

I woke up a couple hours later to find out that the nurses and doctors didn’t want to tell me that I started to have a uterine rupture when I was being checked out and that my son might not have made it. They didn’t want me to freak out. Also, while I was under to save my life because of the uterine rupture, I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. So waking up to all of that was a shock to say the least.

2. What surprised you the most about having a c-section?:

How much it hurt to sit up and down, laugh, and pee. You don’t realize how much you use those muscles. That hurt more then the pain from the c-section, at least for me.

3. What kind of support do you feel you received (from friends, family, healthcare team) after your c-section(s)?:

I had my family and my husband’s family for 6 weeks after I gave birth to all three of my kids, which was a HUGE help! I had friends make us meals for a couple of weeks after each one of our kids were born.

4. What’s your #1 piece of advice/encouragement for a new c-section mom?:

It really isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be! Yes, it is painful but not like the horror stories you hear. Get up and walk as soon as you can because that helps SO much in your recovery!

5. How do you believe having a c-section birth(s) made you stronger?:

I don’t know if stronger is the right word but grateful definitely is! Without a c-section my kids wouldn’t be here today so for that I am very grateful!

Name: Stephanie McClellan

Your Business or Profession (if applicable): Owner of Sassy Storks in Houston & Stay at Home Mom

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